Aluminum House Frame, Aluminum Siding
                                  Light Weight Spray Foam Insulation

With these light weight components all models can be towed with a Car, ATV or Snowmobile
           The Aluma Lite Is Lighter and Warmer then any other Fish House on the market
All Aluminum
Our spray foam is a closed cell polyurethane foam with  
fire retardent. Aprox. R-8 per inch. (Can be painted)
Inside frame in made of 1"x1"  6005-T5 Aluminum
Tubing. Arched roof for added strength and water shed
2" Foam Insulation
No need for a plowed road
Leave the pack and explore the lake
5078 Hwy 210
Cromwell, Mn
218 644 3392
Aluminum Frame, Lite Weight Polyurethane Spray Foam                           All
standard models come with aluminum siding and roof, insulated walls and floor, 12 volt lighting, catch
covers, 2 clear windows with screens, aluminum skids,
Aluminum corner trim, tow hooks and fresh air vents
Soderbloom's has taken the portable fish house market to the next level. Aluminum and foam
construction makes this the lighestest and warmest house ever built.
Pricing for standard house
4 X 6   $3064.00     8 X 6   $3524.00
6 X 6   $3333.00     8 X 8    $3907.00
6 X 8   $3524.00     8 X 10  $4214.00
6 X 10  $3831.00    8 X 12  $4483.00
6 X 12  $4099.00           

Add $300.00 For V Front on 6' wide
$400.00 for V Front on 8' wide
V Front Extra Shelf  
Thurmo pane windows add $65.00 ea.
Spear hole 2 x 4  $129.00
Extra lighting 12 volt  $20.00 per light
Extra holes $16.95 ea. (Hole Covers)
Tow hitch  $199.00
Extra Windows  $79.95
Dead Bolt Lock  $20.00
16" wood shelf  $12.00
Plastic shelf with drink holder $19.00
Plastic Ski Skins starting at $80.00
2014/15 MSRP Pricing
Extra wide aluminum skis
New V Front Skid House
6 X 10 with extra window
Optional Hitch
4 X 6 Spear House
Insulated Door
Diamond Plate Corners
E Z Towing
Lite Weight
Spray Foam Insulation
All Aluminum Frame
Rounded Roof For snow Load
Treated Floor
V - Front With Hitch
New V - Front For 2013
Dealer Inquiries Welcome
Call  218 644 3392----218 590 8363
Call to order  218 644 3392----218 590 8363
V Front with optional shelf
All New Lil' Munchkin
New Guide Series Coming Soon
New Guide Series Coming Soon